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Angelcare Haven

2509 Clifford Drive                                   Established 2002
Harlingen, TX 78550                                Facility ID # 101249
(956) 564-1473                                

Haven Manager:      Margaret Zamora        (956) 564-1667

Thank you for taking the time to visit our Angelcare Haven page online.

Angelcare Haven is located at 2509 Clifford Drive in Treasure Hills on the east side of Harlingen, TX. Established in 1999, with some of the most caring and stable professional staffing in the industry, "Haven" offers a comfortable home in a suburban setting near the areas hospitals and medical center. Relax in lazy chairs on a comfortable back porch and enjoy spending quality time enjoying the south Texas weather with family and new friends.

We invite you to arrange a tour with us at your convenience. We are a no pressure organization, and are always pleased to simply show off the facilities and people we bring to the industry of care.

If you would like to see how comfortable Angelcare Haven can be for you, and/or a member or two of your family, call us at (956) 357-1524 to set up a mutually convenient time.

Thank you for your interest in Angelcare Haven.

To provide contact information for a current resident of Angelcare Haven, please click here.

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